My religion is to live and die without regret.. Lama Temple, Beijing.

Hey Folks.

I am still in Beijing and finally moved out to go somewhere lesser known and depicting the heritage of the old China.

Lama Temple it is, Its a monastery since 16th Century. In other words, It was Beautiful, Old & Exquisite. Silence is the Biggest Hero in the temple but you can talk to you inner self after the quick session of photography of course.

Ticket to experience all the above is 25RMB 🙂






WP_20150322_067  WP_20150322_047




Make sure you wear comfortable shoes as its big and require lot of walking and climbing of stairs. Also their is small side ways market for the little trinket shopping and Buddhist gems.

All in all its a nice experience to go their and sit quietly for a while and later sip on some coffee or Chinese herbal Tea.

2 responses to “My religion is to live and die without regret.. Lama Temple, Beijing.”

  1. I Ye! appreciate this blog and looking forward to experience such beautiful photos and spontaneous view of every bit of Beijing…especially your description over the monastery motivated me to visit once the peace corner..

    Loads of Love ..and update your Blog…
    a distance Lover 🙂

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