Once upon a vacation, California

Virtual reality is a thing these days. We have everywhere to be but no where to be present. Here I am taking you on an American holiday virtually, pictures are absolutely Legen-wait-for-it-dary.

Our parents travel when there are some obligatory marriage thing happens at a relative’s place or our visits to grand parents under annual meetup program. That’s a protocol you can’t mess with.

But the point is parents dont really take time out to travel and enjoy and live free and to let their hair down, so I was excited with the idea for them being on a vacation.

I am so happy to share pictures from my parents visit to LasVegas.

Tesla Factory Tour
Tesla Factory Tour
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge

Vitamin Sea
Vitamin Sea





Hope you liked the picture and urge your parents to take time out to go travel because adevture is out there.




Live it Up, Delhi

I feel old and underdressed, Culprit was HKV.

The very hip Hauz Khas village, where (believe it or not) I went for the first time. While I was busy making a life, Delhi has delivered a whole village with booze as the theme.

We went to the Monument thing in there. I don’t exactly know why when we go to such places, guards gave me this look like I am having an extra martial affair. I don’t know what should I do to keep these looks away. May I should start behaving more like adults.

I clicked few pictures in the Hauz Khas Monuments which very few ppl know what it is. Most of the ppl were busy clicking selfies and not giving a damn to whose tombs they are standing in.

When I was trying hard to feel my age my other half refused to grow up. Here’s a proof 🙄

Here’s a proof 🙄