A Weekend full of Nothing

A busy schedule is highly overrated these days. We take deep pride in highlighting ourselves as busy people. It is good to be waking up with a purpose but overdone of anything demands an intervention.
Last weekend – an extended one really came as a breath of fresh air in my vacation deprived routine. So I planned for a lazy getaway with the intention of doing absolutely NOTHING.

When was the last time you did nothing on holiday and went into a zone? I did the same on this little weekend getaway. Impulsively booked a comfortable hotel in a non-touristy location, so that I can sideline the hustle of being a tourist and concentrate on only one thing i.e ME.

I just did almost nothing. It’s actually an Art of relaxing your mind and soul. Germans excel at performing Nothingness, which is called the Art of doing nothing. It’s Important to take time out to recharge yourself.

Reading, Swimming & Spa is my idea of NOTHINGNESS 🙂

Hope you take inspiration from my pictures and start finding your own idea of Nothingness.

Random stops on Roadtrips
View from the Room
Lyf Simple Pleasures
The SPY- finished reading the story about a strong woman.



random strolls






into the woods






Bought some plants



Humble Meals
Humble Meals

It broke my heart how we are treating our forests. One can see numerous of such trucks loaded with hundreds of trees being chopped and transported to so-called metro cities.

Hope you found this intriguing and soon plan out for a relaxing Journey.




Once upon a vacation, California

Virtual reality is a thing these days. We have everywhere to be but no where to be present. Here I am taking you on an American holiday virtually, pictures are absolutely Legen-wait-for-it-dary.

Our parents travel when there are some obligatory marriage thing happens at a relative’s place or our visits to grand parents under annual meetup program. That’s a protocol you can’t mess with.

But the point is parents dont really take time out to travel and enjoy and live free and to let their hair down, so I was excited with the idea for them being on a vacation.

I am so happy to share pictures from my parents visit to LasVegas.

Tesla Factory Tour
Tesla Factory Tour
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge

Vitamin Sea
Vitamin Sea





Hope you liked the picture and urge your parents to take time out to go travel because adevture is out there.