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  • Mauritshuis, Den Haag Netherland

    Mauritshuis, Den Haag Netherland

    Hello World!! While I am sipping coffee this gusty morning in the Hague, I can’t stop thinking about yesterday. I had the most amazing experience at the Mauritshuis Museum in Den Haag. So I thought I should post about it and document this creative enriching experience. Mauritshuis is the main museum or as the dutch […]

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  • The land of the midnight Sun,Oslo Norway

    The land of the midnight Sun,Oslo Norway

    Happy Summer People!!! If I can decide on a place with the symphony of yacht horns, charging stations for electric boats, the calm of church bells, Tesla’s running as in taxi, and an epic fashionable crowd running errands alongside colored houses and ever screaming kleptomaniac Seagulls. It has to be Oslo, Norway Oslo has all […]

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  • City of Love Barcelona, Spain

    City of Love Barcelona, Spain

    How often does it happen that you return from holidays and get busy with life at home? Then the ghost of travel pasts haunts you for not posting your pictures of the good times you had. Well, it’s always the case with me. My last destination on the Spain trip was Barcelona, the City of […]

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  • The Sun, Vitamin Sea & Ibiza Spain

    The Sun, Vitamin Sea & Ibiza Spain

    Hello Party people, Fasten your seat belts, because we are going to Ibiza. I was probably in school when Vengaboys announced in their bouncy ways that they were indeed going to Ibiza. In the Mediterranean sea & they were gonna have a party. I was curious about Ibiza since then but never really thought I […]

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  • Winter Wonderland in Zakopane

    Winter Wonderland in Zakopane

    Hello Beautiful people!!! Hows are the holidays going on for you? Let me take you to the winter wonderland in Zakopane, Poland. Zakopane is as breathtaking in winters as it was in summer. Pristine white untouched layers and layers of snow. Mountains all around covered in snow, present a different shade with every change in […]

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  • Love Letters from fall

    Love Letters from fall

    As we bid farewell to Autumn and welcome Winters our old friend, so I wanna change my answer to The Fall. For what you may ask? To my favorite season. It was summer all along, but now I wanna change it to the golden Fall. I just can’t get enough of the beauty around in […]

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